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Response measures of the Italian Authorities to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and procedures in Venezuela



Response measures of the Italian Authorities to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and procedures in Venezuela

The response of the Italian Government to tackle epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 has been timely, as also acknowledged by the WHO and the EU and it has been mainly based on maximum transparency and clarity towards the national community and international partners. We are also working with our neighbours to develop harmonised protocols and shared lines of action on controls on people entering their respective countries.

Italian authorities have promptly adopted a series of response measures to COVID-19 (coronavirus) emergency and continue to monitor the situation carefully, by constantly liaising with all regional, local institutions and entities involved. For more information on the response measures adopted and any updates on that, please consult the Italian Government website and the Italian Health Ministry

The Italian Ministry of Health has issued an Ordinance related to entry in Italy of people coming from areas at risk. Such ordinance provides for all individuals who for the past fourteen days (from 21 February, therefore from 7 February), entered Italy after having spent time in the areas affected by the epidemic indicated by the World Health Organization, to report this to the relevant local Health Authority, which may take restrictive measures for home stay with active supervision or, alternatively, in case of impediment, other effective or equivalent measures. The areas identified by the WHO currently include the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan, but this is constantly changing and updates may be consulted in real time in the section “situation report” of the World Health Organization, published daily in the website in the Coronavirus-Situation report (Table 1). Such measures do not only concern Italian citizens who are in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan but may potentially extend to other citizens who are in other Countries but who had previously been in the areas affected by the epidemic. Please consult

With respect to procedures to enter Venezuela for foreign citizens, the competent Venezuelan Authority is the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Salud ( At the moment we are writing (11th March 2020) there are no restrictions at the entry to Venezuela for people arriving from Italy but the Venezuelan Authorities are screening and monitoring every passenger arriving from abroad. The situation is costantly changing thus we recommend to monitor the above-mentioned website.