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Message by the Embassador


Message by the Embassador

Dear readers,

By surfing the net and going to the website of the Italian Embassy in Caracas, you are repeating, over five centuries later, the gesture of Christopher Columbus, who, in August 1498, during his third journey to the New World, reached the coasts of Venezuela at the Orinoco delta. Land of grace, this is how Columbus called those regions, believing that the immense breadth of the river was the current that leads to the Earthly Paradise. Later, Americo Vespucci, after whom America was named, called it Venezuela, in homage to Venice, that he saw reflected in stilt houses of the the of Arawak people.

There has always been a large presence of Italy in Venezuela: in the journeys in our country of Francisco de Miranda, a father of the independence in Venezuela, and in those of Simon Bolivar, which on August 15, 1805, resulted in the pledge of Monte Sacro, one of the Roman hills, perhaps the Palatino, perhaps the Aventine. Or even in the work of Agostino Codazzi, traveler and cartographer, who left from Lugo di Romagna and became a Venezuelan patriot.

Above all, there is the Italy of hundreds of thousands of emigrants, who in the late nineteenth century, and then again in the early decades of the twentieth century and after World War II, have searched and found in Venezuela a new land, made of opportunities, dreams and hope; and who have contributed like no other to build society, the economy and the very identity of the country that has welcomed them generously. They are Italians who built the futuristic bridge over Lake Maracaibo and erected, in only six months, the titanic hotel Humboldt on the summit of Mount Ávila, who watches over Caracas. The Italians who built roads, railways, industries, who have opened shops, restaurants, who have introduced in this country, design, fashion, food and wine.

But also Italians who received much from the Venezuelans: warmth, friendship, love, health. The Italians who formed Italian-Venezuelan families, who have contributed to the merger of their initial identities in a new one, which has overcome and complemented the original ones.

In this site, in the virtual pages that you have chosen to visit, you will find useful information on commercial exchange, investments, and on the many cultural and institutional activities that enrich the relations between Italy and Venezuela.

We shall provide addresses and contacts; we will direct you to the relevant departments for different user needs: the Consulate General in Caracas, the Consulate in Maracaibo, the Honorary consulates, the Italian Institute for Culture, the Institute for Foreign Trade, the Venezuelan-Italian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the various sections of the Embassy. It is our duty and our mission to provide services to the users, both Italians and foreigners, and it is our ambition to do it well and in the proper way.

A deep understanding is a critical step before embarking on any journey. Columbus, Vespucci and Codazzi were aware of it. Even Emilio Salgari knew it, who never visited in person Venezuela and who nevertheless was familiar with it as few others, by studying and reading, and he was able to immortalize the landscapes of Maracaibo and the Orinoco river with the Black Corsair adventures.

So welcome to this virtual portal that unites Italy and Venezuela.